The surfire way to predict your future is to $uccessGineer IT!

National public speaker

A Successgineer

 I love to motivate people to take action on the things  that can  massively  improve their lives. The best thing about my business is seeing the outcome people get with my knowledge, expertise, passion for life.


appeared on the tv talk show "Stop My Crisis"

Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gasper of VRR Media

Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention 

Talk show is aired to millions of viewers


tv talk show "Beyond my Crisis" with Vivian and Ron

Intervention Stops Brutal Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention 

A survivor story with Vivian Gasper and Ron Rosnick

Aired to millions of viewers


A Survivor with Indomitable Spirit That Refuses To Be Beat Down No Matter the Circumstances

 A survivor of the Khmer Rouge Cambodian Genocide. Kim knows firsthand how to breakthrough difficult situations and now shares proven strategies with others about how to leverage an indomitable spirit to achieve even more success in life and business.  Kim was featured in Inside Look Magazine and spoke at the Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention event.


Has 2 decades expertise in all aspect of business and project management in both Agile Scrum and application of PMI as a certified PMP. How you do anything is how you do everything with the Project Management Approach.


Nurture entrepreneurship SPIRIT

I believe that it is vitality important to nurture entrepreneurship at a young age, after all our next generation will be our future leaders.